Chinese Acrobatics Troupe - 國立臺灣戲曲學院
Chinese Acrobatics Troupe


 The Fu Hsng Chinese Acrobatics Troupe was founded on July 1st, 1980,as approved by the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China. With the merger of the National Fu Hsing Dramatic Arts Academy and the National Kuo Kuang Academy of Arts on July 1st, 1999, the troupe name was changed to the Chinese Acrobatics Troupe.

The Chinese Acrobatics Troupe members include graduates of the NTJCPA Acrobatics and Dance Department, as well as performers from the Republic of China Folk Art Training Center and Li Tang-Hwa Acrobatic Troupe. Currently, the troupe is made up of over 40 young performers, who have received, on average, eight years of strict training. The troupe current leader, Dante Law, is well known in Taiwan and overseas for his abilities as magician.

The Chinese Acrobatics Troupe performances are fun to watch and are enjoyed by people of all ages. Not only have they performed in various locales around Taiwan and the outlying islands, the troupe has also been invited by the govern ment to travel abroad as well. Their performances have spread Chinese culture, promoted folk arts, established cultural exchanges with other countries, and saluted overseas Chinese.


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