Chinese Opera Troupe - 國立臺灣戲曲學院
Chinese Opera Troupe


 The Chinese Opera Troup of National Taiwan Junior College of Traditional Performing Arts, formerly known as National Fu-shin Troup, was established in 1963. It is the first traditional performing arts group associated with a certified educational institute and prides itself on being the longest running Chinese opera group in the country.

Troup members come from outstanding graduates of the college as well as outside professionals. With the mission of passing on and expanding the appreciation of traditional Chinese performing arts, the group has presented numerous much-loved classics throughout the years. It has performed more than one hundred plays, displaying solid abilities and talents in the field. Its presentations have included the following popular programs, such as "Fourth Son Visiting Mother","Legend of the White Snake","Diow Tzan","Meeting at the Old City","Picture of Eight Righteous Men","Prosperous History of Chuan-cho","Dragon and Phoenix Presenting Prosperous Signs","Meeting of peaceful Heaven","Heroes of Young Family","Water Fountain Cave","Gold Coin Leopard".

Recently, in keeping pace with evolving changes, the group has built upon traditional foundation with concept and methodology from modern theater, developing new works that reflect contemporary spirit. The new works include "Exodus"(1999),"Seven Dwarfs in the Forest"(1999),"Rashomon"(1998),"New Chang-earl Rushing to Moon"(1996),"Ah-Q"(1996),"Blissful Death of the Pretty Girl"(1995), "Pan Jin-lian"(1994), "People"(1994), "The Gift of Hair Ornament"(1993), "Kwan Han-chin"(1993), "The Promotion of Shu Cho-jin"(1992). These new plays have not only received high regards, but also expanded the viewer base and population by a large margin.

In the past thirty years, the group has represented Taiwan in oversea performance on tens of occasions. It has traveled far and wide to more than thirty countries in Europe, Asia, Americas and Australia, and successfully fulfilled the important responsibilities of cultural exchange, enhancing nation-to-nation relationships, and entertaining oversea Chinese. The group also shoulders the responsibility of promotion and education of traditional Chinese performing arts. It performs and lectures at various communities and campuses to cultivate interest. It also supports local performing groups and works with them to create more opportunities for further development.

The Chinese Opera Troup of National Taiwan Junior College of Traditional Performing Arts combines tradition and innovation to keep up with changes of time. With the approaches of the twenty-first century, the group will continue to strive toward its professional foals to expand the opportunities for traditional Chinese performing arts and introduce them to the international audience.


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