Dep. of Hakka Opera - 國立臺灣戲曲學院
Dep. of Hakka Opera

 The Department of Hakka Opera is established in August 2001, and enrolls its first class from junior high school section. It will continue to set up its senior high and junior college sections gradually.

The educational aim of our junior and senior high levels is to give students basic literate, artistic knowledge through systematic traditional training and learning of Hakka opera and other arts. Hence, they will hold basic literature and skills for Hakka opera performances. The educational aim of our junior college level is to train professional performers, playwrights and theorists through multidisciplinary curses. By way of performances, playwriting and theory training, we hope to inspire students* potentiality to find out their own interest and to select suitable courses. Students in our department can learn not only Hakka opera but also other performing arts. Thus they will all graduate with professional performing talent.


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