Dep. of Theater Arts - 國立臺灣戲曲學院
Dep. of Theater Arts

 The Department of Theatre Arts provides five years (from high school to junior college levels) of professional training of technical theatre. The curriculum is composed of humanities, theatre literature, theatre crafts, and practical training. The goal is to discover and develop professional theatre practitioners.

At the high school level, the first year is to orient the students to a general and basic understanding of all the aspects of arts and theatre. From the second year on, the students are required to specialize either in stage craft (Including: scenery construction, lighting technique, and sound engineering.) or costume construction. And for the last year, courses such as tage management* and ntroduction to theatre design* are also included in the curriculum.

For the junior college students, as a continuation of their study at the high school level, specialization in the different fields of technical theatre are still required to perfect their professional skills. In order to increase their competitive capability in the future, they also have to take courses of production management, theatre design, and introduction of other related media such as television and film.

The Department provides much more than just classroom teaching. Extracurricular activities such as seeing performances, participating in school and professional productions, allow the students to accumulate practical experiences, and to reinforce their professionalism.


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