Dep. of Acrobatics and Dance - 國立臺灣戲曲學院
Dep. of Acrobatics and Dance

 The goal of the Department of Acrobatics and Dance is to cultivate talent in the fields of acrobatics and dancing. Acrobatic skills classes are the focal part of the department education and are complimented by dance courses. A ten-year curriculum educates students from the fifth grade (elementary school), through junior college. Aside from establishing a strong foundation in traditional techniques and maintaining the vitality of the performance style, the Department of Acrobatics and Dance also offers dance training to develop more of an artistic and movement-oriented feel to the acrobatic tradition. The department also absorbs elements of Western performance, and adds modern resources to traditional performance styles, thereby creating different possibilities for the stage.

Acrobatics education includes training which focuses on the waist, legs, head, and flipping, and students are taught to use different props in order to display different skills. The curriculum also includes training in folk athletics, magic, martial arts, theater, music, and performance creation. Students study Chinese and foreign dance skills, theory and production, stage gestures, and stage management in order to improve performances. A professional education that is progressively more refined, accurate, efficient and systematic is achieved through specialized training. Students are thereby provided with a background and an environment in which they can develop their artistic abilities.


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