Dep. of Jing Ju - 國立臺灣戲曲學院
Dep. of Jing Ju

The goal of the Chinese Opera Department is to cultivate performing arts talent within the realms of Chinese Opera. The department offers a ten-year curriculum that encompasses education at the elementary school, junior high, high school and junior college levels. At the elementary school level, students are imparted with basic knowledge and skills relate to Chinese Opera. The motivation to practice and learn is derived from student interest. At the junior high level, students are assigned one of four character types and are divided into groups accordingly. The four character types include: Sheng(male roles); Dan (female roles); Jing (characters with painted faces), and Qiu (clowns).Once students are selected for one of the four roles, they will begin specialized skills training and will stay within these vocational groups throughout the remainder of their studies. At the high school level, students continue their training in the specialized variations of singing, line recitation, movement, and combat which are unique to their assigned roles, and participate in stage performances to perfect their abilities. The major goal of the junior college level is to cultivate professional talent in the areas of research, innovation, and performance. Curriculum at this level also includes modern theatre courses, writing and directing classes, and other related subjects, all of which are intended to inspire the creation of new performance styles and impart new meanings for the stage.


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